Operator Training

We can provide operator training customized to your control system, alarm management system, and process graphics. On-site training includes both classroom and hands-on training, and each operator receives an easy-to-understand custom training and reference manual.

Control system Custom Training

In addition to our operator training classes, we can provide classroom and hands-on DCS training for engineering, maintenance, and management personnel. Since we have in depth knowledge of system, project engineering and system maintenance and extensive in-plant experience, we can customize our training manuals and classes to each individual site, incorporating custom schematics and any complex controls.

Control Engineers’ Changing Roles

Your control and systems engineers have the daunting task of staying up-to-date with new technology trends. Proprietary DCS systems have evolved into hybrid, "open" networks that require new skill sets to design and maintain. Although the mindset, operations knowledge, and job approach of the control engineer are still required, a new toolbox of "IT" skills must be learned, and these new skills may not currently reside within your organization. We can provide training for your engineering staff on the things they need to know for this hybrid IT/Control environment.

We can provide focused training that teaches the essential skills for maintaining these new systems, while filtering out the vast quantity of IT information that does not apply to your Operations Team' needs. Training topics include network security, TCP/IP, database maintenance, domain setup, backups, etc.